Our order line


Customers sending product requests by website or email, fill in the complete data.


We will notify of working time, product prices and shipping costs by replying your email.

When customer agrees, we will send invoice to be paid by paypal.


Product processing takes 4-5 weeks. Following batch, not separately.

Order Check

We will notify when the product is finished, confirming the completeness of it before sending.


Packaging process takes 2-3 days.


You will get a shipping tracking number from us.

Terms & conditions

  • Using the pre-order method, with advance payment;
  • Fill in the form we have prepared: recipient’s name, full address, mobile number and active email for shipping info;
  • Work takes 4-6 weeks, starting on our set schedule;
  • We process orders in batches, not separately;
  • Customers may have to pay goods tax in certain countries, so you should be prepared;
  • Customers who refuse to pay taxes or losses due to products destroyed by your country, we are not responsible;
  • Product damage caused by shipping, we are not responsible;
  • We are ready to replace defective products due to wrong manufacture, but the cost of re-shipping is paid by the customer.
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