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A long journey with your leather goods

Leather is a durable and luxurious material that requires regular care and maintenance. Just like human skin, leather has pores that need to breathe and needs to be hydrated regularly. Our Leather Balm is a blend of Beeswax and quality natural oils that effectively condition, nourish and protect. A simple yet very important necessity for proper skincare. If cared for properly, your precious leather goods will serve you well for years to come.

Other functions and uses:

  • Protects surfaces from splashing water.
  • Restores the natural oils of leather that have dried up due to wear and tear.
  • Removes dirt from polished leather surfaces.
  • Anti-bacterial properties that can cause odor and mold.

How to use:

  • First clean the product to which the Leather Balm will be applied using a clean cloth or hairbrush.
  • Apply to the surface of the leather evenly using a soft sponge or can be directly applied with fingers.
  • Then let it sit for a few moments to soak better.
  • Then rub gently with a soft cloth until clean.
  • Use regularly maximum once a week.

Notes: Not for suede or nubuck materials.

The price above is for 1 30ml pot.

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